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Here are what our clients say about us.

"Hi Alisa, Thanks for the classes. Brinly had a great time. It was just I was hoping for. She learnt some new techniques to do art & it was different, her creativity was broadened & it had more depth than the usual kids craft workshops where they make headbands and wands etc... stuff she's done a million times. I was pretty impressed by what she brought home too."

--- Michelle, Padstow

"Georgia said she had a great time. Would love to do it again. Thanks for yesterday!"

--- Kelly, Reveseby Heights

"The class is excellent"

--- Anonymous, Punchbowl

"The class is very good that make children become interactive."

--- Lauren, Reveseby

"I think the class is great for pre-school age kids! Thank you so much."

--- Anonymous, Reveseby

"We will definitely be enrolling Chantal in the Saturday classes for next year.... She has absolutely enjoyed every class with you and we are really happy with all the content and enthusiasm you have shown her.

While I have the chance, I would like to thank you very much for all you have taught her this year. Each lesson is different and exciting and has brought to her knowledge new skills and techniques...."

-- Louisa, Riverwood

"Isaac enjoyed the different elements in the class e.g. painting, cutting & pasting. Thanks."

--- Lisa, Milpera

"[My daughter] likes the class because she gets to get messy. It's an excellent activity for the kids.

--- Nelunika, Hammondville

"I like painting and going to the park to draw"

--- Brinly, 7

"I like painting and going to the park"

--- Athena, 7

"I like painting and going to the park to draw leaves"

--- Antonia, 8

"The thing I like [the] most was [painting] the framing picture"

--- Bella, 7

"I like art classes because we learn how to draw cartoon faces and all other art stuff"

--- Jenna, 7

"I like drawing the water bamboo"

--- Georgia, 9

"My favourite thing was drawing the cartoon faces & painting, thanks!"

--- Hannah, 9

"My favourite part was when we draw a picture of the water bamboo"

--- Erin, 9

"I love making present [a candle tray] for my mom."

--- Bach, 5