About Little Canvas

Researches show that art could significantly boost development in children both physical and emotional. Art also develops problem solving, lateral thinking, creative thinking and judgement and a series of mental processes for children minds.

Little Canvas uses PEAR method in every lesson to help students discover their style and reach their full potential.

Preparation and planning

We are prepared to coach all students from different skill levels. We believe everyone is unique and so should the art learning journey. Each lesson is planned for a purpose. Students will get a chance to improve their technic as well as try new things every week. They also have to plan their task well and complete within the time given.


Little Canvas encourage all students to express themselves or their favourite art technics or styles. We embrace all silly ideas, differences, needs and even mistakes! Knowing that mistakes often lead us to new ideas and creations.


With a small size class, maximum of 6 students, we make sure no one gets left behind. We challenge all students to work beyond their limits. Every Student will receive good amount of attention and constructive feedbacks to develop their artworks, skills and ideas to achieve their best.


We respect individual pace and method our students choose when creating an artwork. We also teach them to take care of all tools and equipments, clean and look after the work space, present and discuss with their peers creatively and respectfully. We value and encourage our students to show respect toward others as they contribute good example and atmosphere in the class.

Little Canvas welcome all parents. We would love to hear and chat about your child's improvement. We wish to see more parents learn and relax when it comes to making art. We always eager to share the ways you can do to help your child become a happier artist in their own way.

About Alisa

Dear lovely parents,

My name is Alisa Sinlapawattana.

I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can recall. Art has given me the privilege to create my own space but also built up my confidence and individuality. I studied art in Italy for a year as an exchange student. Then, graduated in Fine Art with second class honour, majoring in sculpture. I have also received awards from several art competitions.

With my experience over 10 years in teaching art, I know it's essential to get my children, now 10 and 7 years old [in 2017], involved in art as I raise them up. I first introduced art to help their focus and fine motor control but I quickly realised it also boost their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills. We enjoy making things together and it allows me to be part of their learning process.

Growing up with parents who supported my passion, I am always grateful that I had such an opportunity which others did not have. I want to see the same for more children - having great access to art and creativity that would help them learn and grow their ideas, skills and imaginations - the opportunity to discover themselves and pursue their dreams.

Working for Learning Links in 2015-2016 as an educator equipped me with deeper knowledge and better understanding in children's development. I have been trained to respond to different learning needs and styles.

In 2016, I completed Cert IV in Training and Assessment. On top of this, I also hold a current CPR, First Aid certificate and a clearance in Working with Children Check.

Alisa S.