With Covid-19 pandemic, are your classes safe?

To ensure the safety of our students and parents, we implement the following COVID-19 procedures.

To effectively implement this safety plan for everyone's health and safety, we need your co-orperation. Thank you.

How can I use my Creative Kids voucher?

First you need to redeem your $100 voucher here. Once you have claimed your voucher, You'll receive the email from Service NSW.

Then, forward the voucher email with your child's

to alisa@littlecanvas.com.au

Please note that we can only claim the actual amount of the fee charged, not the whole $100 if the actual amount / balance is less than $100. For example, if you wish to use the voucher to pay for balance of $85, then you'll lose the $15 value in the voucher.

To get the most out of your voucher, we suggest using it for your new term fee or as a deposit i.e. use the $100 voucher as deposit then pay the balance of $35.

Why Little Canvas?

Little Canvas offers art classes to children from preschool to year 6. With small size classes (maximum 8 students per class), everyone gets my best attention. Each child will be working at their own pace and the evaluations are made individually. It’s also a great space for big kids to wind down, do art and be creative.

Why should I come to the class?

Coming to the class is great. For parents, everything is laid out and you do not need to worry about preparation or clean up. For students, it's the space they can totally be themselves enjoying lessons with other like-minded peers.

What makes Little Canvas different from school’s craft?

It’s all about the process. We do not set a sample piece for any to follow. In fact, we encourage all students to complete their artworks according to their interests, styles and personalities. We also comply with Work Health and Safety guidelines in every lesson, ensuring all student are safe and practicing good behavior when making art.

What materials are we using at Little Canvas?

We use non-toxic (if possible) washable paints or environmentally friendly materials with minimum chemical. We make sure our students learn how to protect themselves and put them into practice when using permanent marker, acrylic paint or tools that require special attention.

What can parents learn from Little Canvas?

Apart from learning some art, we really hope parents would learn to relax and embrace the mistake your child might make. Keep in mind that the fun is in the process and children see 'beauty' differently. For all students best interest, we always make time to chat with parents and how can they show support to their children.

What if my child is sick or away, can I book a makeup class?

To entitle to a makeup class, please notify us within 24 hours of absence for sick leave or 1 week in advance of absence for other reasons. Our makeup class is subject to availability.

Can I enrol in the middle of the term?

You can enrol your child at any time. However, it’s best to start from the beginning of the term as the lessons build up each week. The term fee will be pro rata plus enrolment fee. You can download Enrolment Form here.

Do you accept Creative Kids voucher?

Yes, we do. We are a registered provider for the Creative Kids program. You can use your voucher to pay for our fee. For more information on the Creative Kids program, click here.

How can I book a free trial lesson?

To arrange a trial class that suits your child's age, please

Please note, our free trial is subject to availability.