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Why Little Canvas?

Little Canvas offers art classes to children as little as 18 months old up to 10 years old. With small size classes, everyone gets my best attention. Each child will be doing art at their own pace and the evaluations are made individually. It’s also a great space for big kids to wind down, do art and be creative.

Can’t I do it myself at home?

Yes, if you are a crafty person and can set some time aside, that’s great. However, coming to the classes will get your mind away from the long ‘to do list’ and take the worries out of your preparation. You will also benefit from in class experience with other parents. You’ll get all support you need including class summary and ideas you can do at home delivered to your mail box weekly. Plus, you don’t have to clean up the mess!

What makes Little Canvas different from day care’s craft?

It’s all about the process. You get involved with your child’s art work and the concept of each activity along their sides. They will create art the same method art students would. Using real material – not toys.

What materials are we using at Little Canvas?

We use non-toxic washable paints, occasionally food coloring, good quality paper or other surfaces that would last to its drying racks. You might also find many materials we use in our classes are the same as what you have in your pantry, craft box or even recycle bin.

What can parents learn from Little Canvas?

Apart from learning some art, we really hope parents would learn to be relaxed and OK for the mess and some imperfection your child might make. Keep in mind that how beautiful your child’s art works is not as important as the process that helps developing skills for your child.

What if my child is sick or away, can I book a make-up class?

Yes you can. We are trying our best to ensure you get the most out of your fee. A 24 hours advance notice is greatly appreciated. All make-up classes are subject to availability.

Can I enrol in the middle of the term?

Yes, you can. However, it’s better to start from the beginning as the lessons build up every week. The fee will be pro rata for course fee plus full material fee. You can download Enrolment Form here.

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