Our Classes

Our class structure consists of a good balance of visual art and creative art activities. Using different approaches suitable to each age group, your child will enjoy experiencing art on their own paces.

We work under the theme that changes every 4 weeks ensuring the excitement keeps going.
Visual Art

Children will be learning basic elements, art history and artists through wide range of tools and materials. Practice basic skills and exploring drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, collage and mixed media in fun ways.

Creative Art

Experiment with medias and technics, encourage imaginative artworks, enjoy along the process and learn to express feelings through artworks

Creative Todz*

2.5 - 5 years old

Learn basic elements in visual art, introduce the correct basic skill and let your child’s imagination grows with our inspired craft activities.

40-50 mins

$125 / 8 lessons

Kids Sketch 5+

5 - 8 years old

Develop drawing and painting skills as well as learn to concept an art project

50-60 mins

$125 / 8 lessons

Big Kids Sketch

8 years old and over

Aim for a higher finished artwork and elaborate all skills learned into individuality.

50-60 mins

$125 / 8 lessons