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Researches show that art could significantly boost development in children both physical and emotional. Art also develops creative thinking, lateral thinking, problem solving, creative judgement and a series of mental processes for children minds.

Little Canvas uses PEAR method to help parents and children work together and reach their full potential.


We all love to be praised! It creates positive force and increases self-esteem. Praise but don’t lie. If you feel like there’s nothing to be praised, don’t. Saying “you’ve tried hard and you should be proud” is as good as “well done”.


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Some children are born with confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin. While some need a bit of encouragement from their parents or someone they trust to help them reach their full potential, not only in art but also other areas of their lives. Good encouragement can significantly help shy kids who feel a little insecured, expressing themselves better.


By asking the right questions, parents can help their children to develop and extend their thoughts and imaginations.


Never force a child to draw something she doesn’t want to or tell her what color of the tree it should appear in her painting. Parents should always respect the ways their children do their art. Doing so will ensure your own child that she is free to express and is individual.

Most importantly, parents should also learn to take a deep breath and be relaxed about mess and imperfection. Let your children truly be themselves, at least during their art hours.

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