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Hi everyone,

My name is Alisa. I am a mother of 2 boys, Nathan 5 and Daniel 2.5 (in 2012). With my experience over 10 years in teaching art, I know it would be useful to help me raise my children. I first introduced art to help boosting their concentration and development. Then, art has become their favourite hobby as well as the space to express their imagination and personalities. More importantly, it allows me to be part of their learning process.

As a child I enjoyed colouring, using different materials and spending lots of time drawing things. Not only has art given me the privilege to create my own space but also built up my confidence and individuality. My interest in art grew as I got older, so did my skills. At the age of 17, I studied art in Italy for a year as an exchange student. I, then, graduated in Fine Art with second class honour, majoring in sculpture. I have also received awards from several art competitions.

Growing up with parents who supported my passion, I am very grateful that I had such an opportunity which others did not have. I want to give my boys the same opportunity to discover themselves and pursue their dreams. In fact, I want as many kids as possible to have full access to art and creativity that would help them learn and grow their bodies, minds and imagination.

I have put together practical activities to help children achieve their lessons effectively. My vision is to assist you, parents, embracing art as an ingredient to raise your little ones.

Alisa S.


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